Constitution of the Holmewood Neighbourhood Association

January 2016

    1. The Association shall be known as the HOLMEWOOD NEIGHBOURHOOD ASSOCIATION. Run by, and for the, representation of, residents of the area as defined by the mapincluding: Holmewood Road, Holmewood Gardens, Maplestead Road, Cotherstone Road and Rush Common Mews.

    2. The objectives of the Association are:

      1. to represent the interests of residents.

      2. to protect and enhance the local environment.

      3. to encourage the participation of the whole community in the association

      4. to encourage co-operation, welfare and social activities

    3. Membership shall be free and open to all residents within the defined area aged 16 years and over.

    4. Meetings

    5. There shall be at least one General Meeting held each year in addition to the Annual General Meeting. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called from time to time.

    6. An Annual General Meeting shall be held each year during January

    7. Notice for a General Meeting shall be 7 days and 28 days for an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting. Minutes of all meetings to be recorded and availble to all residents.

    8. These officers shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting : Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer. Maximum tenure of office will be three years in the same post. A one year gap required before standing again for the same post.

    9. The business of the Association shall conducted by a Committee elected at each Annual General Meeting, which shall consist of:

    10. the officers plus five other members plus non voting Co-opted members can be appointd as the need arises from time to time.

    11. No two or more officers or Committee members shall be elected or co-opted from the same household.

    12. The quorum for:

    13. the committee is four including two of the three officers.

    14. the General Meetings is fifteen.

    15. the Annual General Meeting is fifteen.

    16. Funding

    17. The Association may receive donations or raise monies which shall only be applied to further the objectives of the Association.

    18. An independent person shall be appointed to examine the accounts at the Annual Meeting

    19. Our financial year ends on the on 31st December.

    20. Independently examined accounts for the past year shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting

    21. Alterations to the Constitution

    22. This constitution may be amended by a motion passed at the Annual or a General Meeting.

    23. Dissolution

    24. Should the Association cease to exist, any residual funds shall be spent on the neighbourhood at the direction of the officers.