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Introduction to the Holmewood Neighbourhood Association (HNA)

Our vision is that by nurturing the improvement of neighbourly interaction and initiatives the quality of our lives will be enhanced.

We are fortunate that at the heart of our neighbourhood we have the park which has served to create a higher degree of neighbourliness than is probably the norm. The HNA aims to enhance and celebrate this sense of community and also hopes that we will have more success in tackling some of the challenges facing our community.

Please see our constitution for greater details regarding our aims and objectives.

Everybody who currently lives in the area (see the map below) aged 16 and over is automatically a member of the Holmewood Neighbourhood Association (HNA).

As a member you can join our Google Group where you will receive information regarding events and can interact with your neighbours on issues.

There are currently two general meetings scheduled a year that are open to any member to attend.

The HNA Committee

One of these general meetings is the Annual General Meeting. It is at this meeting that the committee of the HNA is elected from and by the members/residents for the coming year. There are usually 8 elected members.

The committee carries out the business of the HNA. Please see the Committee terms of reference for a detailed explanation of its role and responsibilities.

Please consider putting yourself forward for election to the committee. As well as elected members the committee also includes co-opted members. These are residents who have been asked to join the committee by the elected members.

If any resident, not on the current committee, would like to attend one of these meetings they are most welcome.

To contact the Holmewood Neighbourhood Association committee please email HNACommittee@gmail.com.