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Annual Clean-up Day, July 2015

posted 6 Aug 2015, 06:27 by Michael Scott-Kline   [ updated 6 Aug 2015, 06:28 ]
We had a great day - July 4th, the weather was kind.  We had a good, steady turnout throughout the day, and a few who toiled in the sun all day. Everyone worked very hard.
We managed to:
- clean and sweep the border around the park external edge
- do same on the thoroughfare through the park
- weed and till the children's play area gardens
- weed and edge the grass around the new hedgelings and remove the plastic tubing no longer required
- remove a nasty plant invader taking deep root in the new hedging
- cut holes in the newly planted tree protective cages to allow branch growth
- repaint the notice board
- build a planter under the noticeboard - which now has some flowers added
- remove dog poo from the north side gardens
- sweep huge amounts of leaves away from under the trees 

In the end, a whole skip, piled high, was taken away.

Many thanks to those that provided bacon sandwiches, cakes, and lovely cold refreshments, and to Miranda and her family for inviting the group over to their 4th of July celebrations and BBQ - that was lovely and a great way to finish the day, reflect and chat with neighbours.

Many thanks also to Max and others for pitching in on Sunday morning!

Indeed, thanks to all - it was great to see you all, and lovely to meet some new faces.
Michael Scott-Kline,
6 Aug 2015, 06:27
Michael Scott-Kline,
6 Aug 2015, 06:27
Michael Scott-Kline,
6 Aug 2015, 06:27